WiPy & Mobile App - How to?

  • Hello,
    I am writing this post because I have to make a mobile application which will be communicate with WiPy through Wifi. Wipy will be connected with GPS module (uBlox - 6M). The application has to talk with WiPy to get the data from GPS module and show the track on mobile phone through this app. I don't exactly know how to start with this project, I mean I had one idea. It was about getting the data from GPS, parse them to xml format to make it as .gpx file and send this file to mobile. Does anyone can say something about this idea, is it correct conception? Maybe, can you offer other ideas?
    Thanks for answer

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  • Hey @dabal221,

    I've recently worked on the location-aware app using WiPy, and found this guide pretty useful.
    I would like to mention that high accuracy is a must, exclusively GPS data won't be enough, you'll need to use A-GPS technology, which collects data not only from GPS, but also from the closest cellular towers and Wi-Fi spots.

  • @dabal221 Hi did you arrive to find a solution for your geolocation project with wipy ?
    if yes, can you share ? because I have to make a project like this, this year at school.

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  • @jcaron Firstly, the intention is to create a geolocation system, in short, someone will have a WiPy module with GPS connected to it, and the other person must be able to locate a person who has WiPy with him or her thanks to a mobile application.
    (1) platform: IOS, Android - using Kivy Framework
    (2) as it will be a geolocation system, it must operate over long distances and thus also in different Wifi networks.
    (3) for everyday use, it is best that WiPy is put to sleep until it receives a request from the application to locate the object

  • @dabal221 It would be much easier if you described more precisely what you are trying to achieve and what your requirements are, including whether the phone and WiPy are necessarily close to each other (in BLE or WiFi range) or not, whether they are connected to the same WiFi network or not, what platforms you target, if it's for regular users or not, and a lot more.

    Unless you describe your scenario in much more detail, it's going to be difficult to tell you what is relevant or not for your purposes.

  • @jcaron This is a very helpful post, but would you be kind enough to point out what are the advantages and disadvantages of individual solutions because I am completely inexperienced in writing applications?

  • @dabal221 It's a pretty broad question, and there could be many different ways of achieving that, each with its own pros and cons.

    Options include:

    • having the WiPy broadcast the info over BLE
    • having the WiPy push the info to a server, and have your app connect to that server (ideally using a sockets to get the data without polling)
    • having the WiPy act as a server, and use TCP or UDP sockets
    • having the WiPy act as a server, and use WebSockets
    • having the app act as a server, and the WiPy connecting to it to push data
      and probably many more.

    But each as its own drawbacks, so without knowing more about your requirements, it's difficult to pick one...

  • @dabal221

    Better let the phone pull. Android can act as a server, but all the power saving functions will make your life hard. Sockets will reconnect much slower when when you push to the phone.

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