New software version, possible to upload all new files but keep the old config file?

  • Hi,

    I have a few LoPy's already installed at various places, which needs a software update. Most of the project files have changes, but not the config file. Also, all the project files are the same for all the LoPys, but not the config file which is of course different.

    When I do the software update, is it possible to upload all the project files, but not the config file and just keep the one that is already present in the LoPy?

    I could do this using FTP, but I'd prefer using atom with pymakr if it is possible.


  • @Asb

    You can place the config file into a folder which will not be updated. Files on SD card will not be touched by the upload button. Otherwise FTP and a script will be the best solution.

    You can start with deleting every time the config file on the PC. So it will be uploaded to the PC. But if you forget it, the newest file will win. If you are lucky it will be the one of your pycom device.

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