Pairing two WiPy 3.0 with BLE.

  • Hello guys !

    I’m currently working on a project with two WiPy 3.0. The goal of this project is to send a voltage from the first WiPy 3.0 to the second WiPy 3.0 with Bluetooth and more particularly with BLE. Here a schematic of my project for a better understanding :


    I currently know how to read the voltage, I’ve no problem with this. Here the code that I use :

    adc = machine.ADC() 
    apin1 ='P13', attn = machine.ADC.ATTN_6DB) 
    val1 = apin1()

    But, I have a problem with the BLE. First I don’t know how to match the two WiPy 3.0. So here are my question :

    1 - How to match the two WiPy 3.0 ? I know that there are some examples in the documentation but it didn’t work for me.
    2 - Why the connection is refused when I used the fonction “bluetooth.connect(mac_addr)” ? Don’t worry I know how to get the MAC adress of the WiPy 3.0
    3 - Finally, what should I put in the file ?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


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