Programming GPy using USB to serial converter

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to program my gpy module using an extern chip converter USB to serial interface. Chip name is Prolific PL2303HX, but I don't know if it is posible to programming using only Tx and Rx connected to Gpy. Do I need a Pysense module or something like that? Atom detects the COM Port but I get the following error:

    "No Pycom boards found on USB"

    Thanks for the support, wait for comments.

  • @notf0und said in Programming GPy using USB to serial converter:

    I only tried with the default windows driver and did not manage to get it working. I guess it is a driver issue. I will test again with other driver version, including the one you propose.

  • @agotsis Thank you, did you try this chip on Windows 10 64bits any time? I tried with different driver versions and finally it's working with version. Thanks for comments using Linux

  • @John-Baird Thank you John, finally it works correctly I was getting some issues with my Serial Converter driver but I found the correct version for windows 10 64bits, now Atom recognize it and it's working fine...
    In my desktop I still getting the same issue, Atom does not connect to Pycom and for now I don't know why, I have installed the same driver version than my laptop. Keep searching...

    Thank you for your support.

  • I second John's answer, since I have used the exact same Prolific chip (in Linux) to connect to a GPy (using minicom, putty and pycom-fwtool)
    The connection is as follows:

    • Converter's Tx wire goes to Pycom's RX0 pin
    • Converter's Rx wire goes to Pycom's TX0 pin
    • In addition, if you need to user thepycom-fwtool you also need to connect P2 with GND


  • @notf0und Hi - it should be possible to reflash the GPy using just a 3 wire serial connection. For the first we months that was all I used and it worked fine. I doubt Pycom would take that away.
    Have you checked bps is set correctly? If you jumper the Tx and Rx pins do you get key strokes echoed back? Is the heartbeat LED flashing? Have you remembered to ground G23 to put the device into reflash mode? It's usually something simple...

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