BLE mobile application to use with pymesh

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    Hi @catalin , what (chat) application did you use on your (smart)phone to connect over BLE to the nodes running Pymesh in your demo clips ? Is there also an ios version of this app I can use to play with your demo code ?


  • @catalin Thanks...

    I really like to get your demo code running and make a mesh demonstrator.
    Have played with the lora mesh example, but like to have a more full-fledged
    demo that I can show using a mobile (ios) device, without connecting to the
    USB port of the different nodes with my mac.

    Keep up the good work, really like your modules and the mesh capabilities


  • hi @rudivd, thanks for your interest in Pymesh.
    I have an in-house developed mobile application, for both Android and iOS, it's basically a Pylife development app. I am currently developing it.
    We're planing to release it, but for the moment, still adding functionality and improving it.

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