Connect to pc via USB

  • Back to the basics....
    I am unable to connect the wipy to the pc and update the firmware.
    I just bought it and opened it.
    What I did step-by-step:

    • open Zadig --> list all device --> select device with USB ID: EF99 then install driver.
    • okay, now there in device manager, unknown device #1 under section libusbK USB devices
    • now update the firmware on the expansion board. I wont write down the steps because it went okay, without error.
    • now, it's time to update the wipy3.0, so I download the firmware update utility, then open it, but there is no device under the port section dropdown list :(
      Should I push something? Or am I missing some driver?
      Thank you! :)

  • well, right now I only have access to win10.
    Is there any solution for windows 10?

  • @tttadam said in Connect to pc via USB:

    @duckyjan007 Looks like it's common issue then. Is there a solution for that?

    don't use the Zadig driver. There was a better one. You may find it in this forum around one year ago. I had to deinstall it on Win7. Win10 seems to need another solution.

    Updating the PIC from a raspberry Pi works like a charm. Never tested a Linux VM. May work as well.

  • @duckyjan007 Looks like it's common issue then. Is there a solution for that?

  • @tttadam
    I am also facing the same issue and i also think my expansion board doesn't work well.
    I'll try using another expansion board.
    Hope it works.
    Thank u.

  • UPDATE2:
    I think I found the issue, but not the solution yet.
    The expansion board looks like stuck in DFU mode, so it's an expansion board issue i think.
    I tried an other expansion board, and works okay.
    So how can I unstuck it? :D
    Thanks in advance

    I turned on the sound on my pc, and the device connected then in few second device disconnected sound is audible. again and again... But the device manager shows the same amount of item.

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