Pygate incompatible with FiPy?

  • Important Note: Pygate is not compatible with FiPy.


    Would anyone be willing to explain the reasons for this limitation? Is the incompatibility permanent, or might it change with later versions?

    My gateway location at the edge of cellular coverage, but no wired internet or WiFi service is available.

  • Would be interested also why the combination FiPy + PyGate is not possible.

  • It may be the case that I misunderstood the functionality of the Pygate. It looks like there's LoRa on the Pygate via the Semtech SX1257. If that's true, then my use-case would be resolved with GPy + Pygate.

    Can someone confirm that my original question had a flawed premise, and that GPy + Pygate would provide LoRaWAN gateway with cellular backhaul?

  • I forgot to mention that I know, as the video below discusses, that the Gpy + Pygate would enable a cellular backhaul. However, with no LoRa on the Gpy, there's no parsimonious path to LoRaWAN (LoRa gateway) with a cellular backhaul.

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