LoPy4 problem to Run and Upload

  • Hi !

    First of all, I'm a beginner on Pycom's tech.
    I buy a LoPy4 and a Expansion Board v3.0 recently and today I tried to make my first program on it.
    I installed ATOM (v1.36.1) and Pymark (v1.4.13)
    Pluged my Pycom board
    And I update the Pycom board software as it written on the tutorial (v1.18.2.r3)
    Then I tried a program (still on the tutorial)

    BUT nothing changed when I click on RUN and when I tried to upload, I get this message :Upload failed: timeout. Please reboot your device manually.
    The LoPy LED doesn't blink in any color

    I don't know what the problem could be. The LoPy4 is connected and all is well powered (Proof : expansion board ==> USB led in green | RGB_LED fixed in red)

    Thanks for your help !


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