waiting for download when I restart the board

  • Hi

    Sometimes when I restart (unplug power, and back again) the board I get the following msg in repl:

    waiting for download

    What is the cause of this? I am a bit worried as if a power outage happens when I am not around, the lopy will eventually be stuck with this msg. From what I've read this message appears when you connect P2 with GND and press reset? This is not the case for me.


  • @Asb The ESP32 has an internal pull-up at GPIO0. But that may be too soft. The LoPy4 has no additional pull-up, as far as I can tell.

  • Thank you for the input.
    I am not using any OEM module, but https://pycom.io/product/lopy4/ I would assume this already have a pull up if this can cause problems as mentioned. Not able to find any schematic and check myself.

  • @Asb I saw this problem from time to time with a W01 module on a custom board. Adding a pull up solved the problem.

  • @robert-hh No. I have my own pcb instead of the expansion board, taking a quick look the soldering looks good (no unintentional connections). I have ~50 lopy1 on the same pcb.

    This is the 2nd time I experience this, and I have restarted it more than 50 times.

  • @Asb That happens if at restart GPIO0 (P2) is at low level. Do you have anything connected to P2?

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