5 volt pressure sensor on Pysense or Expansion Board

  • Hello together, I need help ;-)

    How I can connect a 5v Analog Pressure Sensor to a Pycom Board.
    In the docs I only read Pycom Boards supports only 3.3 volt periphery.

    Can anyone help me?

  • @svonbentzel how are you powering the Pycom board? Is the Pycom device standalone or on an expansion board? 5V power from a separate DC supply (to the VIN pin) or from USB to the socket on the board?

    Whichever you are using, you should be able to extend that to the sensor without too much difficulty - from the sensor specs it doesn't seem to draw much DC power. If you are using any deep sleep type function, then that might need to be looked at.

  • @tuftec
    Ok thank you. But what do you use for power source?

  • @jcaron

    Hello, This is the Sensor I would to use

    pressure Sensor

    Medium: liquid/gas without corrosion
    Wiring: Gravity-3Pin (Signal-VCC-GND)
    Pressure Measurement Range: 0~1.6 Mpa
    Input Voltage: +5 VDC
    Output Voltage: 0.5~4.5 V
    Measurement Accuracy: 0.5%~1%FS (0.5%, 0~55°C)
    Threadably: G1/4
    Adapter: G1/2 to G1/4
    Waterproof level: IP68
    Operating Temperature: -20~85°C
    Response Time: <2.0 ms
    Quiescent Current: 2.8 mA
    Normal Operating Pressure: ≤2.0 Mpa
    Damaged Pressure: ≥3.0Mpa
    Service Life: 10’000’000 times

    alt text

  • @svonbentzel Just use a simple resistive voltage divider to scale the output from the pressure sensor. It works fine for me.

  • @svonbentzel you need to check what the actual range of voltages are, for both input and output of your sensor. Providing the details of the sensor (brand, reference and data sheet) would help.

    Some sensors will take lower voltages, and will have an output voltage which depends on the input voltage. Others require the right voltage but may have an output with a smaller voltage range than 0-5V.

    If the sensor always delivers a signal in the 0-5V range you’ll need to add a voltage divider (that’s just two resistors) to get in the ESP32 range. See discussions on the subject (mostly about measuring battery levels).

    If the sensor needs 5V you’ll either need a source for that (which may already be available, depending on what power source you use and what other board/circuitry you have), or may need to use a boost converter.

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