Pyscan V0.7 - Pinout question

  • On the following extract from the Pyscan pinout page, I note that the traditional pin used for VIN on the Pycom module header is now only labelled 5V with no associated mention of VIN, and the VIN label now appears in several other places and is shown as being -5V.

    My guess would be that the module power pin is still referred to as VIN and the references to -5V should be to +5V. Yes, I can (and will) measure these - but I shouldn't have to. Could someone from Pycom explain what is going on - or perhaps correct the documentation?

    I've previously pointed out the external header is wrong - but I see that still hasn't changed.


  • For the record, I'm happily feeding +5v into the pin labelled VIN -5V and everything works fine. Very disappointing that even when pointed out, such a fundamental error remains uncorrected for six months.

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