VSCode + Pymakr, How to start?

  • Hi All,
    First off, i'm a total noob to VS Code so it's probably something very simple i'm missing here.

    I installed VS Code v1.33.1,
    I installed NodeJS v10.15.3,
    I installed the Pymakr extension v1.1.0

    But now I'm stuck where do I click to start a pymakr project? All tutorials I can find have an "All commands" button in the bottom bar but I don't so I guess the extension isn't running yet or something.

    I probably have to tell VSCode that I want to start a Pymakr project but I cant find how...

    Please help!

    Cheers, Robert.

  • Use right click install another versions like 1.0.7 and restarrt, 1.1.0 has a bug.
    You can also disable auto update for all your extensions.

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