Which way on the board?

  • This is probably a small one and a newb point, but being a service designer and human person, I couldn't find an indication on which way around the LoPy goes into the expansion board.
    I thought the pyCom words on both should go in line, that was wrong. And thankfully it didnt fry the board.
    I think many people especially kickstarter backers don't want to kill their board, so maybe it would be great to make it easier to find out.

    Just saying, every little helps.

  • I initially put my board in backwards, then fixed it. But I am not getting any LED action on the LoPy. What should I do?

  • Another possibility is to look at the bottom of the LoPy. All pins are labeled, just line up Vin and RST with the same labels on the expansion board.

  • There should have been an indicator on the board. Silly beginners mistake...

  • *** WARNING *** *** WARNING *** *** WARNING ***
    The image in the link has the Pycom sticker upside down!
    Use the LED and antenna as your reference and not the writing.
    Luckily connecting the wrong way won't (totally) ruin the unit (as far as i can see).

  • @jeremy Thanks for the link! Just received the board today (no expansion board). Had the same newbee question.

  • Ah yes. I usually try to look at components rather than stickers, because they can be put the wrong way. I was just looking at the antenna end vs the LED end, and that the LED goes with the battery connector.

    But if the stickers were indeed backwards then I see your point.

  • @jeremy thanks for that. Thing is it is contradictory.

    The stickers on the LoPy board dont seem to be consistent. E.g. if I plug in my LoPy, the LoPy logo on controller and board dont line up.

    In the picture they do. As long as it is indicated in the text that the LED and the USB should line up, its a bit of a guess how to put the board.

  • Hi Marcus,

    Looks like there is a picture of it in the quick reference: https://docs.pycom.io/lopy/lopy/quickref.html

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