No answer from about order of 10x Fipy+Pytrack

  • Hi,

    2 weeks ago I sent an email to about a purchase order of 10 Fipy and 10 Pytrack customized units.
    I've had no response yet.
    Is the email address correct or should I use a different one?

  • Much to my chagrin I have the same experience with and, the website form and the phone number. Not for an order but for an RMA request. Not contemplating a new order anymore...

  • @mk Thanks for the info. I'll try the online form and send another email.

    It's a big order the least they could do is acknowledge they received my contact...

  • @GRIS I had a bit of a delay over the last few weeks with sales as well. I tried calling the UK number but didn't get through, but I filled out the website's online form with the same info and along with another sales@ email got a response and my stuff was shipped that day (I got a DHL notification) and it arrived shortly after.

    Key thing that they should put on their website is DO NOT order pre-order items on the same order as it holds the whole thing up - order them separately.

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