• Any have any experience or suggest which lte protocol i should be using on the Telstra network and does it matter? Is one more reliable than another at this stage?

  • @John-Baird Interesting observations/experience with IOT in Aus.
    I have been working with Vodafone and have found them very supportive.

  • @misterlisty For what it's worth, we've been using CAT M1 from Telstra reasonably steadily for the past few months, and NB-IoT sporadically. For us, the cell handover feature of M1 is the winner. Our devices also roam internationally, and the lack of international standardisation around NB-IoT rollouts (Straight through or CoAP) is also a barrier.

    NB-IoT works, though most of our testing and development has been with Vodafone who have been far more helpful in providing SIMs and tech support. Telstra claim NB-IoT is a commercial product, but getting SIMs enabled for the service is like pulling hens' teeth. The CAT M1 service is available on any of the standard SIMs, so access is easy.

    The device in services are mostly in WA and NSW, but we haven't had any network issues you wouldn't expect, mostly around going into remote locations with inadequate coverage or some underground facilities. Again, NB-IoT should fair better, but the points above outweigh this.

    If you have specific questions or want to discuss further, feel free to PM me.

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