• Can someone confirm that the new GPy Pycom board will come with 4 Mbytes of RAM, same as FiPy ?!
    I would like to preorder, but the larger amount of RAM is essential for my needs.

  • I ommit this on kikstarter about fipy
    and i am also interested how much it contain

  • From Espressif forum:
    "The SPI PSRAM on the ESP-WROOM module will be 4 Mbyte (32Mbit). This module has 4 Mbytes of SPI flash and 4Mbytes of SPI RAM. More details will be available when this module is closer to release, thanks everyone for being patient."
    The module is expected in 03~04 2017 so it could be planned/included in GPy

  • Larger physical RAM size doesn't mean it will be available for user, see LoPy. I would wait buying one until ESP32 product line stabilized and gets proven.

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