What files/format required for OTA

  • I am wanting to do OTA updates to the firmware of some WiPy 3.0 units by copying the file to an SD card. Therefore I am using the sample posted on this forum. I am going to update to 1.18.2 from what ever it was/is when purchased.

    I will be getting the WiPy-1.18.2.tar.gz file from: https://software.pycom.io/downloads/WiPy.html

    Do I transfer (to the SD card) and use the compressed tar.gz file? Do I uncompress the tar.gz and just send the appimg.bin file? If so how do the other bins get loaded and updated?...

    Also, FYI: I am using Atom and I am receiving notice that there is a syntax error in line 23. The... ="") at the end of the statement is being reported as invalid by the linter. print("\r%7d " % size, end="")

    Thank you for your help

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