LoRaWAN certification - for release 1.18.2 or 1.20.0?

  • Hi PyCom people!

    You've been doing great work -- thanks so much!

    Just before Christmas there was an announcement about LoRaWAN certification had happened for 3 regions. Great work.

    Since then I've been seeing two releases going forward with multiple release candidates. Will either of those versions be able to use the existing Dec/18 LoRaWAN certification? Or will you be taking 1.18.2 or 1.20.0 back to get it certified?

    I would like to use a certified stack in my device so really need to know which version to use. Are the releases different in other ways too, or is one just the future (1.20) and the other the present (1.18)?

    Looking forward to your response.


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