Using DHT22 with WiPy 1.3 board

  • Hi
    I'm trying to use the DHT11 sensor with the WiPy 1.3 board, using this library: However I'm getting error importing the pycom module. I can't find the anywhere, what this module is? Is this the builtin module in the firmware, and my board is so old that it is not included? I've just loaded the 20190125 version even.... Please kindly advise. Thank you in advance!

  • @mac_ha The WiPy 1.3 is quite different from the WiPy 2 or 3. As far as I understand it, it does not even use the same CPU (CC3200 on the WiPy 1.x, ESP32 on the Wipy 2 or 3). I'm not sure it would be easy to port that code to the WiPy 1.3.

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