OSError: -1

  • Hello everyone, I am currently trying to send sensor values to a IOT platform (Adafruit here), using the umqtt library. I can successfully connect to a wifi before connecting to the MQTT client. When I try do that last take, the following error is raised : OSError: -1. The thing is, it doesn't happen always. Could you someone please me tell me what this means ?Even though I made researches on the internet, none of the answers I found could fulfill me. I can provide you with a piece of code if necessary. I didn't think it would be necessary since I made this work few times before and followed exactly the tutorial, so I guess the issue doesn't come from the code, but maybe from the device or the platform itself ?
    Thanks for your help

  • @brossingo

    I have encountered this. (mainly when using incorrect firmware).
    You should also include the stacktrace, so we can see where in umqtt it is occuring.


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