USB supply voltage

  • Hello everyone, I'd like to know at what voltage is the Pycom device supplied when connected through USB to a computer. I can't find anywhere on the Net, nor the datasheet. I am asking this because I'd next like to reduce this voltage according to the value I want, is there also any piece of code that allows this operation ?
    Thanks for your help

  • @brossingo It's unclear if you mean voltage supplied BY the device, or voltage supplied TO the device.

    If you're using USB, the voltage is obviously supplied by an external device (PC, power supply...) TO the device, and the device can't change that. If you want to use a different voltage, your probably want to use the battery connector instead, though it depends a lot on what actual voltage you can feed the device and a lot of other considerations.

    Could you give more details about what exactly you are trying to achieve?

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