LoPy source code, is the "LoRa" Python module open source?

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    We are doing our own hardware design using the ESP32 and the SX1276 LoRa Transceiver chip, but adding additional hardware for better power management.

    The LoPy board ALMOST does what we want, but we want to know if we can purchase the license to use the source code for the LoRa module.

    Can someone please direct me to getting direct contact information to the individual who manages or decides what module source code is released?

    I saw earlier talks on this subject, but were unable to actually find any other details on it.

    Also, there is talk about a PyCom Development kit or as some have mentioned Secret Sauce, but heard nothing more about it.

    In particular, my interest is where MicroPython "touches" the hardware, and might have to also modify PyMaker Atom plugin to give us better development control over the hardware.

    I spent a lot of time looking at the PyCom GIT repo's and couldn't find anything there. I know things change a lot, and ask why PyCom doesn't release the Python source code for the LoRa module. Will PyCom eventually release the source code? Or has it been released in some way, and I haven't found it. If so, can someone please direct me to where I can find it?

    Thanx guys...

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    @jdcrunchman the firmware is subject to GPLV3. The licences to use is included with genuine Pycom hardware. You can use the stack on different hardware but there are conditions that need to be met or alternatively a small licence fee is applicable. Please contact us on sales@pycom.io. Thanks

  • @jdcrunchman you must have missed something, the whole LoRa stack is definitely included in the repo. A lot of it is Semtech’s reference implementation anyway, with the micropython integration on top.

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