Sending MAC layer commands

  • Hi,
    I'm going throungh the LoRa API documentation at and cant see anywhere I can set MAC layer commands other than the battery level.
    What I'm looking for is the link check interface in order to determine link quality and force a re-join if needed.

    I've used this effectively on other devices where I can set a link check frequency and failure threshold. This looks to be lacking in the python layer.

    Any timescales on this being implemented or a workaround to access the MAC layer through the python interfaces?



  • Hi,

    I know this is not a gateway. I have been using other devices where I am able to send MAC layer commands. Your response fails to answer any of this.


  • Hi,
    Lopy is a device and not a gateway, so it's only receive MAC command from gateway (linkaddrreq). Lopy lorawan revision is 1.02, and MAC command to force a rejoin from a gateway is only in 1.1 lorawan rev.

    You have use lora.stats() to implements your rule :
    -check rssi, snr, used datarate from the latest downlink received is good enought for you or if your board have to do a forced rejoin
    -If you haven't a downlink from the time you have set , force a rejoin...
    and so on....

    The lora.set_battery_level(level) is an automatic response you set before the gateway send to your device the request, it doesn't send anything by himself before the gateway ask for it.

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