Expansion board 3.1 stuck in bootloader mode

  • Hi everyone,

    I am working with some LoPy4s and expansion board 3.1 to build out some stand alone air quality sensors. Anyway, I purchased 5 of each. When going through the documentation, it was clear that they want you to update the firmware on the expansion board as well as the LoPy before proceeding. I went through the process of updating the first expansion board and put it into bootloader mode by holding down "S1", then using Linux bash tool I updated the firmware as instructed. I got the "Done!" and everything. However, after updating, it was stuck in the bootloader mode with the tag ef99 (boot mode) and not ef98 (application mode).

    I am not able to use the REPL or even connect to the board. I have gone through the process on both windows and Ubuntu 18.04.02.

    I used the information on this page to do so. https://docs.pycom.io/pytrackpysense/installation/firmware.html

    After getting the first one in bootmode, I decided to move onto another board, which after going through the same process is currently stuck in bootmode. With my last 3 boards, I just skipped updating the expansion board firmware and have just been developing on them and they work great! Now I just need to get my other two boards out of the bootloader mode.


  • You dont seem to be the only one with this problem. Here is a related thread:

    But it's interesting to see that the problem is systematic ... I hopy pycom comes forward with a solution.

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