Expansion board 3.1 issues

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    Dear Developers

    We have discovered an issue which affects some Expansion Boards 3.1. We have been able to determine that only a few hundred units are affected by a revision of the PIC Microcontroller used on these boards. As per usual, Pycom stands firmly behind the quality of its products and we will issue a free replacement for any affected units.

    This issue manifests itself when the user tries updating the Expansion Board. If you find yourself with this issue please follow the following steps:

    1. Send Pycom a photo of the QR scan or best scan the QR code on the expansion board in order to reveal the serial number. This info should be sent to support@pycom.io

    2. Once we determine the item has the A2 version of the PIC Microntroller we will release an RMA number and forward you the relevant form to complete requesting contact and delivery details. To do follow this link: https://pycom.io/support-community/support/rma/

    3. You do NOT need to send us the Expansion board. We will simply send you a free of charge replacement.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    Best wishes Fred

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