Lopy nano gateway in ABP mode does not receive all frames from LoRa node

  • Hi, i am using lopy as gateway and the ST bl072z board as node, i can see the tx messages sent from the node in a serial terminal, the frames are sent every 10 seconds, but in TTN console in the gateway traffic display i can see that some frames are not arriving (for example the counter goes... 1,2,4,7,8,9,11) that means that some frames are missed, i dont know if this behaviour is correct and how could i avoid it, i am using data rate 5 in both devices.

  • @jg_spitfire The gateway is not in ABP mode, and it does not matter whether the node was configures with ABP or OTAA. What most likely happens that the messages of the node are sent at different frequencies. Since the nanogateway only listens on one frequency, it misses languages. The abp_node.py example tries to configure the node to use a single frequency only, and in my test that worked, but recent comments seem to tell the opposite.

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