Software reliability

  • Can anyone explain to me why

    from network import LTE; lte=LTE()

    would be more reliable & less like to generate a

    NameError: name 'lte' is not defined

    later in the program than

    import network; lte=network.LTE()

  • I think I might have a flash memory problem, something that has haunted me with GPYs from the getgo. If I upload then remove then upload & several times I seem to get a more stable system. It's like the first write of new software is not enough.

  • @kjm

    Hard to tell without more details.

    Do you import all your stuff at the beginning or somewhere inside the script?

    • do you really reach the declaraiont path?
    • have you checked for try/catch?
    • checked memory fragmentation?
    • checked that callbacks will be handeled only after the declaration
    • ...

  • @kjm There is no difference between the two options. If you see one, check whether there is a difference in the scope of lte symbol, like global vs. local. A global symbol can be seen everywhere in the code, but creation or assignment in a function or class is local, unless you define it explicitly as global.

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