Wake up from deep sleep

  • What is best way to wake up lopy4 from deep sleep at regular intervals say for eg every 60 minutes and send the data. After sending the data it should go back to deep sleep again. Since these are remote devices conserving power is very important.

  • @abhishek2101 Not sure I understand the question? Just set up deep sleep to wake up after 60 minutes.

    If you are using "native" deep sleep (machine.deepsleep), then just pass the sleep time as an argument to machine.deepsleep. The argument is in milliseconds, so 60 minutes would be 60 * 60 * 1000.

    If you are using PyTrack/PySense/PyScan-controlled deep sleep (py.go_to_sleep), then pass the sleep time as an argument to setup_sleep. The argument is in seconds, so 60 minutes would be 60 * 60.

    When you wake up, do your thing, then go back to sleep.

    The details of what you should do while awake (especially in terms of network) depends a lot on the network used and many parameters, but this has been covered a lot in various topics in this forum, including some you initiated. You should probably go re-read the answers that were made to your previous questions.

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