Pybytes LoraWan, How it works ?

  • Hello! Recently we bought some Fipys and Pysense to make our first steps into the LoRaWAN world. We made some probes with the NanoGateway examples and we got some good results.
    After that, we read about Pybytes and the OTAA/ABP functionality but here we have some doubts, we couldn't find documentation about how it works, and where it sends the node information, to which gateway, where the nodes made the authentication, and where to find this information... etc. It's using TTN at the back ?, Someone can bring us some lighting in this or give us some documentation that we didn't find about how Pybytes works with LoRaWan?

    Thanks in Advance

  • @jirkakrepl Autocomplete fail, I suppose.

  • @robert-hh sorry I meant this sprint

  • @jirkakrepl Given that the Pycom community is spread around the world, a time definition like "this spring" is misleading. I was a little bit baffled reading that, assuming that Pycom is located in GB and NL, "this spring" means either March to May 2019, which already passed, or March-May 2020, which is still a while to go.

  • Hi lcd,

    Pybytes currently uses TTN as a backend for delivering LoRa messages.
    We currently share one TTN account for all devices, which is not optimal. But you're lucky because in this sprint we're going to refactor this. Every user will be able to login with his/her TTN credentials to Pybytes. We will also write documentation about TTN+Pybytes.

    Have a good day

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