Is Rollback possible?

  • I recently upgraded a gpy from 1.18.1r4/modem LR5.1.1.0-39529 to firmware1.18.2r6/modem LR55.1.1.0-41065 and the time for a website transaction cycle has blown out from 27s to 46s with attachments & urequests taking significantly longer. Anyone got any clues as to why this might happen?

  • Thanks @kjm :
    A rollback to Atom 1.38.2 solved the issue.

  • @kjm Same Issue! Still unable to figure this out.

    I'm on MacOS 10.14.4

    Posted a comment on this:

  • @aliubi Well so long as your Linux isn't a Windows VM Aliubi, 'cause the evil empire's updates will crash that too!

  • I'm seeing the same thing after (surprise) Windows Update (which I would disable if I ran the IT department, preferably by switching to Linux). I have a feeling this is going to get more me-toos as people get to work.

  • Had to roll Atom back to 1.38.2 to get the 1.4.14 pymakr plugin working again. Only problem now is there seems to be no way to stop Atom auto updating. Thoughts anybody?

  • I thought I'd try to rollback the gpy this morning following Big mistake, Atom crashed with

    Failed to activate the pymakr package
    The module '\?\C:\Users\Kris.atom\packages\pymakr\precompiles\serialport-win\build\Release\serialport.node'
    was compiled against a different Node.js version using
    NODE_MODULE_VERSION 57. This version of Node.js requires
    NODE_MODULE_VERSION 64. Please try re-compiling or re-installing
    the module (for instance, using npm rebuild or npm install).
    Show Stack Trace
    The error was thrown from the pymakr package. This issue has already been reported.

    Any tips on how to extricate myself from this mess? I tried downloading the latest version of Atom & it's pymakr plugin. I got a message that it was installing ver 1.4.14 of the plugin, the latest compatible ver with my ver of Atom, but I'm still getting the npm problem message above.

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