Gpy/G01 Production deployments

  • Hi there!
    Does anyone have experience using Gpy/G01's in active production deployments? I am considering using them for their cellular and bluetooth capabilities and have a working prototype. I'd love to hear the experience from people using it and their learnings. Considering a deployment of potentially 1200 units.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @dexter12 Our application is remote pump management in Australia. Currently using raspberry PIs with usb cell modems. The PI has full python & is a nice platform but usb modem choices are limited. The built in modem on the gpy is a nice idea but the limited repertoire of micropython makes code porting a pain but worth it to have another string to the bow.

  • @kjm Thats a great tip! May I ask what's your use case and if you were using cellular services in US/Canada?

  • I've been working on a gpy for about a year now, finally got it stable & repeatable. My advice would be not to change anything once you're happy with it. I did a gpy & modem upgrade which caused problems & while I managed to rollback the gpy there doesn't seem to be a rollback pathway for the modem.

    Production wise, things should be OK if you're happy with the gpy/modem firmware as shipped. Otherwise you're looking at 5mins/unit to upgrade them. With 1200 might be worth asking if you can order with your preferred versions?

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