Driver Software for Pysense

  • I am trying to update the firmware for Pysense so that I can update the firmware for my Lopy4 later. I use Window 8.1, 64 bit.

    When I connect the Pysense to my laptop using the USB 2.0 cable, I can see Pysense appearing under the "Other devices" in the Device Manager but I am not able to see the device under the Ports (COM & LPT)........screenshot attached below.

    As per the Pycom documentation instruction, The Pysense device should appear under the Port (COM & LPT)). I referred the link in Pycom site but could not obtain the driver file instead some wired .inf file appears.

    If anyone especially those who have used Windows to update the driver would help me to advise please,

    Thank youCapture1.JPG

  • @phusy012 After you've enabled Windows Auto Update did you try remove the device from Device Manager and replug the board?

  • @rskoniec Don't know what is the problem. I checked my Window auto-update and it is enabled already. Still, it shows the same and does not appear under Port (COM&LPT).

  • @phusy012 According to the statement from the given link All our products will work out of the box for Windows 8/10/+. it should work. Do you have internet access and Windows Auto Update mechanism enabled? Check my posts at this thread.

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