onewire bytearray rom problem

  • I am trying to associate each rom with a dictionary and despite probably 1 day's work I still cannot crack it.

    devices is the output from the ds.roms array, but I have hard-coded it for testing.

    I have succeeded in converting the byte array to a string that appears to match the dictionary string, however the dictionary lookup still fails with a KeyError.

    If I hard-code the rom string into the print command then it works, but it won't work when parsed in the loop.

    Can someone else try this code on WIPY2 and verify that they get the same errors ?

    roms = {
    # ds = onewire.DS18X20(onewire.OneWire(Pin('G10')))
    # devices = ds.roms
    devices = [bytearray(b'(\xff\xfe\x88\x84\x16\x03\xd1'), bytearray(b'\x10\xe5x\xd5\x01\x08\x007')]
    for device in devices:
      DEV = str(bytes(device)).strip('b').strip("'").strip('(') # > this results in: \xff\xfe\x88\x84\x16\x03\xd1 - but still gives keyError
      #DEV = bytes(device).lstrip(b'(') # > This results in: b'\xff\xfe\x88\x84\x16\x03\xd1' - keyError

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