Downlink to LoPy4

  • Does anyone have a working example of a LoPy4 receiving downlink messages from the network server?

    I have tried the OTAA examples on Github and the different OTAA example in the online documentation but only ever see b'' printed in Atom.

    I am using MQTT to send a short Base64 message to the server, using confirmed data and fport2 and a multi-channel gateway.

    The LoPy joins the network OK and sends uplink messages.

    Using the same server, gateway and MQTT code format I can send downlinks to other sensors so I know that these components are working ok.


  • @31warren Please paste your code? Do you use lora.nvram_save() and lora.nvram_restore() methods? Which f/w are you using?

  • @31warren

    Further to my previous post, the issue would appear to be that the LoPy4 clears the downlink message queue when it performs an OTAA network join. Any downlink messages that were sent before the join are received but not printed. Messages sent after the join are received and printed OK.

    This seems to be why any of the online OTAA code samples don't display downlink messages (they print out b' ' instead of the received data).

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