Pymakr doesn't work anymore

  • Hello everyone!
    Since a few days now, I can not use the Pymakr consol on Atom. I could do this successfully before, running code directly from the device and uploading some inside, but all of a sudden, the consol does not seem to work anymore and does not even appear when I open Atom. Because of that, I can not program my board anymore. I attached below a picture of the error messages I received related to Pymakr. Does anyone know how this could be fixed ?
    Thank your for your help

  • @brossingo I also had this problem with my Mac. I solved it by going back to the previous version of Atom. You can download it here:
    Once you install that version make sure you immediately disable automatic updates (About Atom -> Untick the "automatically download updates" box), otherwise it will automatically update to the faulty version again.

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