is there a way to check an output pin HIGH or LOW ?

  • when i turn on or set high to an output pin in LOPY4, is there a way to confirm it sets to HIGH or LOW without physically check the pin ?

    I turn on pin high by using these 2 lines of code:

    pin = Pin(str(pinNumber), mode=Pin.OUT)

  • @soibac35 if pinNumber is already a string, you do not need str(pinNumber).

  • @robert-hh Perfect. That's all i need to know. Thank you.

    For pinNumber thou, i will have something like

    def turnOFF(pinNumber):
        pin = Pin(str(pinNumber), mode=Pin.OUT)

    where I input pinNumber as P23 or P24...

  • @soibac35 If pinNumer is a number, then str(pinNumber) does not result in a valid pin name. Instead you should get an error message:
    ValueError: invalid argument(s) value
    You could use something like;
    'P%d' % pinNumber or
    'P' + str(pinNumber)
    But about your question: you can always read back the Pin's state with pin.value(), even when set to OUT mode.

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