Sending data from Lopy4 to LoRa built in server gateway

  • Hi. Can anyone help me get the code to send data packets from Lopy4 to the LoRa built in gateway? I used codes provided in the pycom-libraries/examples/lorawan-nano-gateway/ but I did not receive any packets in the Gateway.

    I am using the RAK831 + Rasp Pi 3 gateway.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • @jcaron Thank you for the response. The region I am using is AU region (AU915).

    In fact I am not using any TTN gateway rather, I have configured the (RAK831+Rasp Pi3) Pilot Gateway as the Built-in Lora Server and the LoRa frame Receive log is viewed in the page entering (IP address of Gateway:8080) in a browser.

    Actually, I intend to send just a simple message, for instance, a "Hello World" from the Lopy4 node to the above Gateway in order to confirm that the simple network can be realized between a Lopy4 node and the above Gateway.

    I am new to micropython though and would appreciate help...


  • @phusy012 you will probably have to provide a few more details, especially the region your are in, and in the case of regions with more channels than the gateway can support (like the US region), the channels in use.

    Also, you should probably use code for using a regular gateway and not the nano-gateway (which uses a single channel so is not quite standard).

    Are you able to join?

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