LoPy connected to Atom works but...

  • Hi folks,
    I have the problem that my LoPy4 connected to my PC and Atom works more or less
    fine (simple loop to read temperature sensor).
    When I attach it to another PC just to run using the power of the USB hub (without being connected to Atom) it does not function at all.

    Any idea why?

  • @robert-hh
    hi Robert, thanks again for the response. The problem is in fact that it sometimes works, then after minutes or hours it stops. So the code is for sure uploaded, but it stops and not always at the same point. It is more stable connected to Atom but it stops anyway, but much later....

  • @marcuso45 I do not work with the pymakr plugin of Atom or VSC. To much automatism. I prefer to have control over all details.
    If your code does not run without Atom, it is either not uploaded or not enabled to run.

  • Thanks a lot robert-hh,
    I thought an upload on Atom puts all code into the memory permanently....isn't it like that ????

  • @marcuso45 Did you verify that you code was permanently uploaded to the LoPy4? You can do so by connecting a simple terminal emulator like Putty (take care to switch flow control off) and run from REPL the commands:

    import uos

    You should get a list of file names on the device. You code should be either main.py, or in a file imported by main.py.

  • I did another test, even using the same PC without Atom, the behavior is different. It stops quite immediately....what a mess....

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