LOPY4 +pytrack --> TTN?

  • hi,

    i was triggered by a web link that it's possible to create a small TTN-mapper to explore the ttn network coverage:
    [https://computenodes.net/2017/09/27/mapping-lorawan-coverage-in-southampton/](link url)

    as my first lora tracker is stuck on receiving i thougt to try and configure a pycom version.
    therefore i ordered an lopy4 and a pytrack board.

    as a real pycom newbie: i tried to connect and update the devices as the manuals/web advises.
    this was succesful.

    however now im stuck, the startup seems difficult?

    anyone here who can help this newbie using his new device and learning to leave the newbie behind?

  • @securigy The Pycom devices do not work well as a gateway:

    • they support only a single channel. Take care that the node is configured to use that channel only. If that is properly set, the gateway receives messages from the node reliably.
    • the timing is not very precise, especially that of LoPy4 and Fipy. Lopy is a little bit better. That results in downlink messages not arriving at the node. OTAA join relies on such a downlink message. Therefore, better use ABP as join.
    • carefully follow the instructions to set up the gateway, and also have a look at the corresponding instructions at https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/packet-forwarder/semtech-udp.html

    Connection the gateway should be straightforward. Since you receive ACK messages, the connection should be fine. Next define an application and a device with ABP as activation mode in it.
    During tests, you may disable frame counter checks in the settings of the device. That makes life easier.

    If you want to run a Lora gateway, get a full service device. There are quiet a few in the market.

  • @migimli same problem here.
    I made PyTracker + LoPy4 Nano-Gateway and PySense + LoPy4 Node and make me happy.
    The gateway exhibits push/pull of ack but remain in "not connected" status on TTN Console. The Node is unable to join the network...

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