Lora Mesh Network - Unable to find neighbours

  • hello pycom-community,

    we tried to create a Lora Mesh network with 2 Lopy4 modules. The code is running fine. No bugs or anything. Unfortunately as we start, both devices act as single leader and in different networks. (As you can see the network adress is different). Therefore they are neither able to find each other nor able to talk to each other. Other sources said the are supposed to find each other automatically.

    The antennas should be the right ones as we already could communicate directly from Lopy to Lopy and sended/received Pings/Pongs.

    Does anybody have an idea, how to "downgrade" one of the devices from a router to a child? How we insure that both send in the same network, with the same network adress?

    We found the > routerrole disable command, but were not completly sure were this belongs. And also it is missing in our cli.py Does anyone may have a cli.py with all necessary commands?
    Or did we just make any other mistake or forget about something important?

    In the following you will find the different outputs for both devices. It is repeating with each thread. ( I wrote the important things in bold letters)

    Device 1

    39: MAC 0x70b3d5499073c7c0, State Leader, Single True
    ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:fc00', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:7800', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:c7c0', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:6bb5:5aad:d66b:b5da', 'fe80:0:0:0:72b3:d549:9073:c7c0']
    Leader: mac 0x70b3d5499073c7c0, rloc 0x7800, net: 0xd204ba
    opened: 0x3f968100
    Socket created on port 1234
    Neighbors Table: None
    Single Leader 4 True 0

    Device 2

    40: MAC 0x70b3d5499e2868fd, State Leader, Single True
    ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:fc00', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c800', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:68fd', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:d9ec:763b:1d0e:783', 'fe80:0:0:0:72b3:d549:9e28:68fd']
    Leader: mac 0x70b3d5499e2868fd, rloc 0xc800, net: 0xa99ce3
    opened: 0x3f968100
    Socket created on port 1234
    Neighbors Table: None
    Single Leader 4 True 0

    Hopefully, someone can help us. Thank you in advance. :)

    Best regards -westmaxx

  • hi @westmaxx, Let's first connect the 2 Lopy4 in the same Mesh network.

    1. What firmware are you using? what micropy scripts are you using? Could you run this tutorial: https://docs.pycom.io/tutorials/lora/lora-mesh/ ?

    2. The LoRa 868 Mhz antenna is on the right side of the LED, as shown here: https://docs.pycom.io/gitbook/assets/lopy4-pinout.pdf

    3. Also, please make sure you're using the same LoRa parameters on both boards? Band, frequency, bandwidth and spreading factor?

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