Lopy4 damage due absent antenna

  • Re: LoPy Antenna Setup / Installation

    As stated in the Lopy4 documentation an antenna must be present to prevent damage to the Lopy4 module when sending LORA messages. If a Lopy4 was operated without an antenna would it be possible to check if it has been damaged?

  • @robert-hh Thank you. I will also test and confirm if this is the case. My concern is RF performance has been degraded and the range will now be less. One of the units in the field was run without an antenna for a couple of days and I don't know if I now need to replace it.

  • @HenroRitchie If it was damaged, it would affect the LoRa transmitter. The ESP32 will not be affected. While it is not advisable to run a RF transmitter without load, the risk is not that high for the LoRa device, simply because the output power is low.
    I ran my devices a few times without antenna, or the antenna at the wrong connector, and they still work.

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