LoRA antenna and pigtail

  • Hello,

    Have you conducted any tests with the supplied pigtails and antennas? I was noticing quite an erratic transmission performance. For instance, there seems to be some impedance mismatch between the LoPy, antenna and pigtail, as moving my hand close to the transmitting antenna made the signal stronger. I am transmitting 2 dBm from the first floor and the receiver is at the opposite end of the building, at the second floor.

    I have tried replacing both the pigtail and the anntenna and my results are much better now. Not a cheap option (Adafruit U.FL - SMA female pigtails and a Round Solutions ANT-LNBH6688) but the results are really much better now. I have gained about 5 - 8 dB and the results are much more consistent now.

    Note: I have no relation with Round Solutions apart from being a happy customer. This antenna is an excellent performer on LTE/UMTS as well.

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