WiPy2.0 Wifi promiscuous Mode (PAX Counter)

  • Hello people,

    I am new to MicroPython also to programming close to hardware. Now I am having a group Project where I want to programm a Wipy2.0 with the Expansion Board 2.0 to sniff Wifi Probe Requests. I want to create a PAX Counter on it.

    Now I have the Question:

    • How do I Setup the Wifi to promiscuous mode.
    • Can I do this in Micropython or do I have to use a workaround with C or C++?
    • How do I generallly scan for probe request or how do i handle them?
    • I found a Project that generally does what I want but I have no Idea were to start. https://github.com/cyberman54/ESP32-Paxcounter

    Can someone Help me Please. =)

    Thank you in advance

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