Flash memory life with regular write into file

  • Hi, i have such an quite big project build on pycom and i would like to know the life time of flash memory life in case of regular writing into file.

    What i mean is that i use logging and in one cycle log is called 5-15 times. Say that 8 logs is written most of the time, flash should be available of 100,000 writing at least.

    In my humble calculations it seems like this:

    • 100,000 writings / 8 logs-per-cycle ~= 12,500 cycles
    • 12,500 cycles / 10 cycles-per-day ~= 3 years and 5 months of life time at least

    but..., there is also uploads of code onto flash and another file writings i use and so on...

    So my questions to the discussion are that I would like to know if:

    • are my approximations right?
    • what does 10 "small" entries vs. one "large" entry? Is it just about writing or also about the amount of data that we want to write into flash memory?


  • With FATFS the life time of the internal flash is smaller than with LittleFS (on development firmware version).

    But how much increase in life time with LittleFS ? I don't know.

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