Pytrack not working.

  • So I got a couple off GPys and pytracks.
    Mostly everything works ok, however some of my pytrack seems to be dead.
    When I connect GPy to some of the pytracks, pymakr is stuck on
    "Connecting to COM30..." and the program on the GPy is not starting, program start with lighting the LED.
    The problem persist trough several GPys, (verified to work on other pytracks) computers and cables.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @sandris That looks like a hardware problem on the pytrack. For power saving, it can switch off the power to the Vin pin. So this switching logic seems to fail. There is a package with imprints of J13 and 1731G close to the battery connector, which seems to switch the power. But I do not know what part number it is.
    B.t.w.: A stable 3.4 V supply is sufficient to run a Pycom development module, so I assume it will drop further.

  • @robert-hh
    Ahaha, that's seems to be the issue.
    Without a GPy it's at 4.8, while only at 3.4 V, with the GPy connected.
    This is powered by USB, it drops even lower when battery powered.

  • @sandris Can you measure the voltage at Vin?

  • @robert-hh
    Not sure if I understand what you mean. My main issue is not that I cannot connect to the com port, it's that the pytrack module seems to be unable to power the gpy correctly, it's like the pytrack is stuck in a sort of error state.
    I have tried to update the pytrack, and can see that it changes into the bootloader state, and back.

  • @sandris Did you check if they evetually register at a different COM port?

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