OTA or not OTA that is the question...

  • Hi @Innocenzo,

    You need a minimum of 3 reputation to post faster than once every 600 seconds. I've upvoted a couple of your posts so this should be resolved now! It's intended as a method to slow down spammers and those posting automated content.

    Regarding your questions about the Firmware Update tool, this is correct. As of current, you need to use the Pycom Firmware Update tool - we're looking into bringing OTA back but at the moment we're prioritising other core features!

    I'll post back here when this feature is released!



  • @Innocenzo Yes, that is true. You can replace any file in the file system, but firmware and frozen bytecode can only be loaded trough an external PC. It does not have to be the Pycom updater. If you search the board for downgrade, you'll find a manual procedure, and the firmware images are all accessible, once you guess the right name. You can also install the repository and build environment to create you own images. OTA of the firmware worked in the beginning, but that stopped at about V1.

    P.S.: One mechanism of increasing the reputation is being upvoted by someone else, which I just did for your post.

  • @robert-hh Instead, the Module Firmware update can be done only through the Pycom Firmware Update Tool, right?

    [off Topic] How can I increase my reputation? I can write a message only every 600 seconds and it is pesky :( .

  • @robert-hh Hi Robert, so I can download a new boot.py an main.py, and also add other files in /flash/lib for example, and after reset, my device running the new code right? I know that FTP is not secure, but I can enable it only during this step and change the default password XD. Now, I do some tests.


  • @jylaxx You can make your owh OTA mechnism for user program update, by writing a protocol that downloads a new script. You can even replace the code of the script that is actually running, even if that might not be safe. And there is machine.reset() to restart you device.

    You could also use the built-in ftp server to upload new code, if the device is accessible for remote clients, even if that is not reccomendet, since the connection is not secure.

  • @jylaxx I am looking for the same answers. I would know if it is possible write a micropython code that connect to my server, download a new version of '/flash' and replace the older.

    In other words a FS Update OTA feature.

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