Lopy to Lopy example is not working...or incomplete by design?

  • So after having PySense + LoPy4 connected to TTN via real gateway (TTIG) I decided to try making PySense+LopY4 to talk to PyTrack+LoPy4. I looked at the example code LoPy to Lopy and it looked that there is nothing easier than that...

    I do all this with VS Code + PyMakr and connecting to each node from different laptop via corresponding COM ports...
    In VS Code I opened a folder on each laptop for LoPy A and LoPy B and changed the frequency and added the correct region for the U.S.:
    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, frequency=903900000, region=LoRa.US915)

    I ran the code on each laptop - but nothing happens...should I add a single channel? If yes, why the examples come without it? Anything else I am missing?

  • @securigy Sometimes They work, sometimes not. my experience with Lora: Always start tests from a fresh power-up.

  • @securigy Never mind. With a little bit of digging it works. Example explanations and comments? What for?..

  • @Gruger I realize that there are no "print" statements. My point/question was whether anybody knows if this sample works at all - may be with some changes that were not mentioned?

  • There is no print in the example code - so no obvious check if Node A is receiving any data. Add a print('Pong') below s.send('Pong').

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