GPY pin voltage tolerance

  • Hi,

    I’m thinking of buying a GPy for my IoT application. I was wondering if the GPy GPIO pins are 5v tolerant or 3.3v tolerant?

    My barcode scanner module that I need to use for my application has an operating voltage of 5V and I want to make sure it will operate properly as well as not damage the board.

    The barcode scanner I’m using is here:

  • @robert-hh Thank you for the response! I'm going to buy a level shifter from sparkfun and use that for my project. Hopefully that works out for what I'm trying to do and doesn't damage the board.

  • @shanefowler25 The GPy (generally: the ESP32) does not claim 5V tolerance, although there are some contributions in the espressif forum telling that. Generally, if you limit the inrush current, e.g. by a resistor of ~10kOhm, you can safely connect the UART output of your sensor to the RX input. The opposite direction is less of a problem. Only the 3.3V output level of the ESP32 is JUST high enough to be considered as high level input of the 5V domain.
    If you want to be safe, use a level shifter. At 9600 baud and low active logic, a simple one will do.

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