Can't get my GPy to work

  • I recently bought a GPy for a project that I'm working on, but for the last 3 weeks I had no luck. I'm using Atom with the Pymakr package, and did some test code like changing the LED color and that worked, but when I try a code I founded on a Core electronics tutorial, I got no answer at all.
    I am from Mexico and using an AT&T sim, have someone made that work?
    Any help will be very appreciated

  • @Alonso21 This is a little bit vague. Please tell us the firmware version you are using. You get that, when you push Ctrl-B in the REPL prompt (= terminal window) of the device.
    Also please tell us the LTE modem firmware version. You will get that by typing (or pasting) these three commands at the REPL prompt:

    from network import LTE

    And please tell us, which software you try to use.
    Did you have a look at the examples in the pycom documentation?

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