PyMate - deleting configuration names in list & LoPy setup failures

  • I downloaded PyMate into an android phone (ver 6.0) and an android phablet (ver 4.4.2) (~19JAN2017) and had no success doing a LoPy setup. Firmware in LoPy 1.3.0.b upgrade with upgrade tool in Pymakr. In PyMate had a 'successful setup' notice and the LoPy seems to have been configured for local WiFi router and can access on Pymakr via WiFi, but I cannot use, or get discovered, on PyMate - "Connection Unsuccessful".
    Cannot delete name created in Pymate as I want to try again with device. Do I now do a refreash of firmware to startup to try again? How do I delete 'Names' created on PyMate. Have yet to get to playing with widgets on app. Any help appreciated. If any help needed with documentation etc - happy to participate. Thanks - mbb

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    The downgrading issues are also fixed for Windows so you should be able to downgrade. We found some ways to release memory but we're not sure if it's sufficient to fix the Pymakr sync issue. We'll let you know after testing this.

  • @sakis I updated my LoPy to 1.4.0.b1 and I'm still having the memory allocation issue that's made PyMakr unusable since 1.2.2.b1. Like others, I'm having issues trying to downgrade. Will the next firmware release fix the problem so we can move forward? If not, how about modifying the Firmware Updater to allow us to pick an older version?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately our latest firmware updates introduced some low memory issues that cause both Pymakr and Pymate to be unusable:

    To answer your other question: Yes, Pymate has been tested on Android with a LoPy and it's working fine

    We'll let you know about the status of this. In the meantime you can try downgrading to version 1.2.2.b1 or older:

  • Has the Pymate android app been checked with LoPy devices - I see the video shows example for WiPy device. Have also noticed a difference between current version and pages displayed on 'Pymate Tutorial 1' video on the Pymate web page:
    ( which is :
    I'd like to confirm that the phone/tablet can be on usual WiFi internet router and app then discovers LoPy device on its own AP transmission - no need to enter LoPy's network name and password. I am still do not getting a 'CONNECTED' status on the 'device manager' page of the app. If I try with phone/tablet set to AP WiFi - the app can't do the file download from the network. Thoughs? Still love the device, Pymakr and the Pymate app concept!!!

  • In PyMate I have just discovered the left swipe on the Device 'Name' to 'EDIT' or 'DELETE'. But am still unable to access the device - even after PyMate announces 'Success'. I will keep fiddling - have done a refresh, soft and hard resets and firmware upgrades to get back into 'clean' state. Device is back in AP mode with original ID but still wont get configured by PyMate to be able to be 'connected' by PyMate. I can see the device and ping its IP on Router via CMD in Windows.

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